Boiling Lineart on a build/rig?

(This is my first post here! Sorry is this is the wrong spot for this kind of question)

Lately in Harmony Premium, I’ve been trying to find a way to boil lines (making them squiggly/wobbly to give the feel of a pencil drawing) without using external scripts. I’ve found a way to do it using the Refract node, explained here:

However, this technique won’t work on a build, as separating all lineart (through a color override) will cause lines that are supposed to be covered by the fill color to show up on top instead.

Is there another way to do this, or instead a way to neatly separate the lineart from the color art on a build so I can apply this effect to just the lines?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hey! Any idea on how to do this on a drawing layer for frame-by-frame animation?

Hey luispedreira97!

Using a refract node is one of the many ways to do line-boiling in Harmony. Good job, I saw the example you provided it seems you have it all figured out, but I am also sharing this scene with you. This scene contains some more line-boil techniques that could perhaps suit your needs as well!

  • use a Colour-override to move the texture of your pencil line with a Peg (You can even connect a Shake node to your peg!)
  • Isolate your line-art and apply a Turbulence node on it (this will be similar to the refract!)

And luckily, there is a quick way neatly separate the line-art from the color art on a build so I can apply this effect to just the lines!

You can:

  1. Get a line-art filter from your node library.
  2. Connect the line art filter under your rig.
  3. Go into said Line-art layer properties
  4. Check the ‘‘flatten line-art’’ checkbox.

I hope this solves the problem you are facing.

If not, I encourage you to look at the scene provided, there are some nice indications of multiple techniques to do line boiling in Harmony if he method you are using currently doesn’t suit your needs completely.

I love that exemple you put in the link! Very cool!

Keep us updated on your progress, hope this helps. :slight_smile:

great thread already, thanks both of you! excellent, detailed reply Marie-Ève_Lacelle!

I would like to download the sample scene linked here, but it’s no longer available. Can someone please re-post?