body parts not moving with master peg of character


i have a problem from few moths, i was trying to solve this but i failed every time.

So my problem is that some parts like hand and head, with full body rigged, doesn’t stick with rest of a body.

here is a video:

anyone have a solution?

EDIT: I have just now realised that it is a problem of kinematic output, when i delete this node than its all okey, but i need this node for full rig, so how to solve this?

I tried to guess your problem, maybe you put your character’s head to far on the forward Z axe.

what exactly do you mean?

can you show me how to change it?

thank you so much for reply

if you mean in “top view”, all parts almost sticking to each other, it help a bit but it’s still frustrating problem

Did you by chance copy/paste pivots for heirachy instead of duplicating them? That would result the object moving twice the distance of stock since its movement is doubled with a copy peg.

If you post the rig we can take a look.

i dont undestand you, i dont do anything with pivots, just sticking them to the character body parts

so i have checked all my proces of rigging, and the problem appears when im setting up deformation rig, do you know what could be a problem?

I cannot understand the issue from the information and video you have provided.
Like klem142 said, its possible that some how the neck and the hand has been moved far away from the camera in 3D space.

Is that possible to upload your rig so I can take a look?

i think i solved the problem, at first frame, i used alt + transform box scale to putting drawings in front of others and this moved drawings closer to 3d camera on top view so now i didnt touch that and it all get rigged well. So i think that was the problem, but i will see while animating.

just to make sure i can show you rig, but do you mean to send you photo of node view? or link for full scene folder?

Hi mortlp,

If you solved the problem then you don’t need to upload your file.

I suggest you use Coordinate toolbar to monitor where each of your drawing is in z-axis:

When you are moving drawing in z-axis, you should move them in a very small increment.
Alt + UpArrow key shortcut can move your selected object away from camera for 0.001 pt.
Alt + DownArrow key shortcut moves your selected object toward camera for 0.001 pt.

You must select an object first using Transform tool and then hit the keys in Camera view.