BMP file sizes too big! (TGA?)

Hi I’m new to Toon Boon Studio. I’ve been looking through the FAQs and forums for ages trying to find the solution to my problem.

I have many images that I need to export into TBS. Problem is, when I save the project the images are converted to (I think) TGA files, is that what they’re called? Sorry, I’m not on my own PC at the moment. When they are converted, they grow to about 11MB each. This is huge and my PC cannot take it. For example, if I play through just 18 or so frames, it slows down like hell. If I try to move or copy anything, it pratically stops, sometimes TBS even closes down.

My PC isnt ultra fast, but its not that bad. I have 1GB ram and I think the CPU is about 2GB. I have plenty of HDD space but 11MB files is ridiculus!

Please help!


11 MB is quite big for an image file. What is the resolution of your TGA ? (in pixels) Can you make it smaller ? Do you have a bitmap editing software such as Photoshop, Corel Painter or any other paint application to manipulate your image ?

You may want to try to convert your image to jpeg or png for smaller file size.