Blurry Resolution???

I’m new to Toon Boom so I’m still figuring things out. Really great program but I’m having trouble gettting a nice resolution when I export:
I’m making animations for video resolution (PAL) 720 x 576 but when I export as, say, a Quicktime movie, the final result looks indistinct (almost blurry) and there’s noticable aliasing of the linework. This even happens when I export as a TGA sequence. Interestingly though, if I open the TGA’s in Photoshop they look crisp and clean (the same in After Effects) but if I open them in Final Cut Pro or try to export them from After Effects as a Quicktime movie… they go blurry again.
It worries me a bit that I won’t actually be able to procude quality animations for video - as was my hope.
Would someone please give me some (reassurance and) advice?
Thanks kindly,

i dunno if i get you right:
in order to have a 720 x 576 video pal resolution you should make your computer graphics 768 x 576, because computer display resolution are square pixels. video pixels are rectangular (for pal: broader), that’s why a .dv export from tbs look blurry.
the dv-output will always look blurry on the computer, but as soon the file gets displayed on a video device, the image will look ok again.

1. have you tried your final video device display already?
2. was this the issue or did you mean something different?


Hi Rob,
Thanks for the quick reply.

I haven’t tried a test for final output (ie. to a video monitor) but I did just do a test of an short animation at 768 x 576 and outputting to Quicktime. Here’s the (weird) results:

* Both the 720 x 576 and the 768 x 576 were equally ‘blurry’ on the computer monitor after exporting them to Quicktime.

* I then exported two versions of Quicktime - one using the “DV - Pal” compressor and the other using “None”. With the “DV - Pal” version the quality was terrible on my computer monitor but the “None” version was really nice and crisp… BUT… when I put both clips into Final Cut Pro, they were both equally ‘blurry’ (exactly the same, in fact).

* When I put them into After Effects the “None” one was beautiful and crisp again but the “DV” one was all blurry. So, I made a Quicktime from within After Effects of the “None” version and put it into Final Cut Pro… BUT… all blurry again! Not as bad as previous tests but still unacceptable for a professional project.

Not sure what’s going here but I’d really like to be able to get a ‘quality resolution’ going in Final Cut Pro (because I use that to edit a lot). I can’t really understand why it’s not happening.

Will try a ‘video monitor’ test now and see what happens.

Any further advice would help a lot.



Hi Rob (again),

Did what you suggested and checked out ALL the versions on a (final output) video monitor.

To my shock, they ALL look great on a video monitor. No blurriness, no aliasing - nothing remotely like my computer monitor versions.

Happy now. ;D

Just one thing though. What if I want to burn my Final Cut Quicktime to DVD? Will it display the same when it’s played from a computer DVD player as it will from a consumer DVD player.

Thanks kindly for your expertise so far. Really has settled my mind.



hi alex,
haven’t tried dvd output yet, but i suppose the dvd export should look ok also. it’s the function of a dvd export tool, isn’t it?
the worst case would be spoiling of one dvd disk, but it’s worth your definite experience, i think.
wish you luck.

update: i’m not on a mac, but don’t you have an idvd there?