Blurry Lines in Render

I’m using Harmony 14 Essentials and when I render frames, the lines are rather blurry/fuzzy in comparison to their strokes. This is most obvious when you have “view strokes” enabled and you can see the aliasing bleeding outside of the stroke borders. This doesn’t seem to be a resolution issue since the effect remains on both 1080p and 2K. Is there a way to optimize/adjust the line sharpness/clarity or change the aliasing in render?

To further specify, I’d like my Harmony video exports to have the same or a similar level of vector clarity as SWF exports do.

You can control the amount of blurring (antialiasing) on for renders by going into
the Layer Properies for the layer on the “Advanced” tab and modifying the
“Vector Render Options”.

Harmony Essentials doesn’t provide layer advanced properties, so I’m assuming that this is something only adjustable in higher versions?

Yes, this feature only exists in Harmony Advanced and Premium.