Blurring/blending frame by frame animation?

Is it possible to smooth out or blend frame by frame animation? Instead of the next frame ‘popping up’ is it possible to have sort of fading out the previous frame, while fading in the next frame?

are you animating on every frame, or everyone second or third?

You could always try throwing on the motion blur effect?

Trying to see if it would be possible to do it on every frame.

Is motion blur only thing available?

well you are animating every second frame you could morph between frames to add the in betweens.

Is it called interpolation?

How do I exactly do this?

look up morphing in the manual and/or look at the morphing tutorials on my youtube channel. I think the ones with the lightsaber I used it a fair bit.

Most people will animate on two’s and is acceptable to the eye. If you need to do very fluid animation " a la Disney" you can change every frame. But to try to get a fade between frames is not really done. It’s already going at 24 frames a second.

There are movies where you fade between complex images that you don’t want to do as many drawings but in those cases it usually is one drawing every 8 frames or so. Like watercolor images blending into one another. In that case you create 2 columns, one with drawing 1-3-5, etc and the other with drawings 2-4-6,etc. You expose the drawings for 8 frames and then in the fx you do fade out, fade in, fade out , fade in, etc in opposing values for the two columns.


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