blur to focus

I was just wondering, can you make something thats blurred come into focus ???

yes you just animate the blur effect over time (in a similar way to how they animate the effects over time in the kickstart tutorials)

how do you do it?

have you watched the kick start tutorials?

are you using pro or standard?

standard, and what kick start videos

hard to explain in words so look at this video i made you

kickstart videos are the ones under video training here

:smiley: Wow you are so awesome for making a video just to explain, thank you so much for all the help ;D

I just realised I did focus to blur, obviously is the opposite of what I did :slight_smile:

Hope it helped. Much easier than trying to explain.

If you have any requests let me know. I can’t promise I will do it, but I will certainly take it into consideration.