blur layer / panel

Now I know this one might be difficult because of the open gl thing but …
Is it possible to get a blur tool ? Similar to gaussian blur in PS . (Radial and motion blur are also useful )

I am drawing a sequence on a film right now and a shot demanded of me that I have the background character out of focus . I managed it by exporting to Ps - gaussian blur - save - import image as scenes . There were 14 panels in the shot so it took a little process time .
Note PS remembers the last blur setting you used so it was quick to apply to many panels and layers without having to retype the blur setting each time .
In my last studio I didn’t have Ps on my computer so was forced to draw lines in lighter grey to represent 'out of focus images ’ which was not ideal .

When we import a blur layer back into SBpro from Ps does it turn it in to a bitmap ?
If so then doing the same but from within Sbpro would be a starting point .
Ie turning the layers / panel into a bitmap first then blurring .

it would be great if there was an undo blur option too that could be used at any time not just as part of the histories option .
unless you copy your layers prior to blurring you lose the original . If a client or director wants the blur taken out you need the original layer to do that .

sbpro could simply store the original ( invisibly) but with an indicator that the blur layer is undo-able ( A toggle option ultimately) .