Blur Effect Nodes Not Working In Any Scenes

Hello I am currently working on a final animation for my class and I wish to add a blur effect to my background layer for my scene. The problem I have been having is that the effect won’t work despite connecting the node between the layer, and composite. My professor and I have been trying our best to get it to work but we haven’t had any luck in finding the solution. I’m including a screen cap of how the nodes look like in my scene. I tried testing the effect on a new scene and it was the same result. Is there something that has to be done in order for the effect to properly work? Thank you. We have Premium on the school computers.

If anyone can help it would be tremendously appreciated. Thank you.

Open the Blur Gaussian Layer Properties (yellow square).
Increase the Blurriness to maybe 3, or else.
Hit the Render View.

I’ll give that a shot and see if that fixes it. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

That worked! Thanks for the help!

Fantastic help NolanScott.

Have a great week.

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