Blur Effect Issues

I got back into Toon Boom and got Studio 7.1, but there is something that is bothering me about it, but no one mentioned if they had the same problem as me.

Anyway, when I add the Blur effect tab in the animation, and edit the settings, it won’t show the results, unlike the other effects 7.1 is supplied with. I dunno why this is happening, but I believe it had something to do with the platform I’m running this program with. I’m a Windows 7, 32-bit user if you’re wondering.

Can anyone explain to me what the problem is, and how I can fix it?

I’ve been using toon boom 4 for years and recently jumped up to 7. I was looking forward to using the effects but have found they take way to long to render out just to review them so I’ve been doing what I used to do… improvise. I add most of my effects in Adobe Premiere.