Blur Effect - Discrepancy in A2

I have found blur effects created in A1 show differently in A2.

Compare the buildings through the train window in the following images of the same frame - the first in A1 and the second in A2.

The radius of the blur is 2 in both cases, yet A2 renders the buildings sharper.

I have found creating a new blur layer in A2 and adding keyframes with the same blur radius settings as in the blur effect created in A1 - gets the blur as originally set in A1 (once you detach the elements from the A1 blur layer and attach them to the new A2 blur). Hopefully, few users will have to go through this to adjust pre A2 scenes.

I tried to replicate this problem on a fresh scene and I was unable to get this to happen. I created a scene in Animate 1, then I added a blur with a radius of 2. I opened this scene in Animate 2, and when I rendered it the blur was the same as it was in Animate 2.

Is there anything more complicated going on in your setup? Is there a hierarchy in the timeline? Can you add a screenshot of your timeline?

Did you have the truck factor turned on in the initial Blur layer? And in the new Blur layer that you created in Animate 2?

The best way for us to debug this is truly to have you send in the scene file. Then we can see the difference for ourselves and track down the problem. There have been various improvements on the effects between Animate and Animate 2.

Toon Boom Support