Blur corruption

Hi all,

Harmony 12 Premium user here. I just built a new production machine and I’m having a small issue using any blur render node.

This is a totally clean install of both Windows 8.1 and Harmony. Same graphics card (GTX 980) and latest drivers.

The image named “sc006sh0010001” is the first frame of a shot that was done pre-reinstall. There is a gaussian blue node on the background mountains to fake some depth of field.

The image named “sc006sh0030001” is exactly the same shot rendered after the reinstall. As you can see, there is some odd corruption happening on the background. I have traced this to the Blur node – removing the Blur node gets rid of the corruption. Also using any type of Blur (motion, box, etc), gives this corruption.

Any thoughts? Clues to where I should look?



Small update: turning off “GPU Acceleration” in Render settings clears the problem so at least I have a temp fix for the moment. Still be nice to know if this is a known issue as it’s really handy to have GPU acceleration turned on.