blur between colors

I remember hearing of this effects that you can blur between two areas of color. If you use an invisible line you can set that to blur and the two colors will mix a little.

Maybe it´s working.
I use animate and maybe that is a harmony feature.

/ Mattias

I vaguely recall something like that in a video. I have viewed so many of them I do not know which one it was. I am pretty sure the effect was not the focus of the tutorial but just something included. I think it was Lilly in either a Tip of the Week or one of the main tutorials. It could have been something different and not Lilly as I am not that clear about it in my memory. It might have been in a video on articulations. It also might have been Adam Phillips (chluaid). Sorry.

This is not what I am referring to but this thread might contain something of value on the topic.

A post by Lilly: