Blur and Sound

Hi all
2 things, why won’t the blur work on the swf export ?, I have run the render in the play module and you can see the blur in the preview, but it will not export the blur in FP10.
Secondly why is the sound not synced in the MOV export, it just seems to start playing as soon as the file starts ? Thanks in advance for any help.
I had a short animation done in a day and it’s taken me two days to get this sorted !!


SWF is vector-based format that can not contain bitmap based effects directly. If you still want your effects on SWF, first, render all in sequence of images (Ex, TGA) and then reimport them all in new scene as a bitmap. Then render again SWF. This however will have larger in size since it contains bitmap.

For the sound question, the sound does not need to start from beginning. One thing I can think of is if you are exporting in certain range when the sound does not start from the beginning, the sound may not work properly since it is not streaming in Animate. Other possibility of the sound off sync issue is either the fps in Animate and the final output is different or the buffering issue when you watch the high res (ex, HDTV), the display delayed to show on time due to lag depending on the machine or condition that time. Try exporting it low res if you want quick view.

Thanks again Juho, I did have my suspicions about the swf format exported from Animate, must be an earlier version prob 6 or 7.

As for the sound, how do I get the sound to have a blank start on the sounds layer, or import it to the frames it’s required on ? (I have checked in the Sound Element Editor and the sound is starting on the correct frame ), sorry to be a nag !


Ithink Flash has a way to export effect such blur for example in SWF. But this is definitely something Flash only can access it to do.

For sound, I mean if the sound was moved after imported. In other word, once you have imported sound, you can select in block (ex, using shift key) then move it. This will affect the stream issue when you are exporting in range. But by understanding it, I think it is more related to the combination of the sound. It would be nice to see the scene to see the causes but try exporting the sound (ex, non-compressed wav, short one) starting from first frame, then export it with full length of the scene. Then try exporting in range mixing with the combination of the different sound or even moving it manually in the Time Line. This may give you some hints. hope this helps.

Thanks juho I will give those a try.

If you figure out the sound issue, please post. I am dealing with the same problem and can’t figure it out.