blue screen at launching v3.5

Hi all,

I currently encounter a problem with the TBS demo v3.5.
When trying to launch it, the welcome screen appears and then, when trying to create a new project, TBS opens all the windows but crashes with Windows Blue screen (“empty physical memory…”).
When I click on the “don’t show the welcome screen”, the crash happens immediatly when launching the program (logical…)
I don’t know exactly what to do…
Does it has to do with the “Renderer” (in dxdiag?) whose some other people are talking about in this topic? Does a patch exist for this ?

Thank in advance for any help

PS: I have Windows XP, SP2, directX9.0c and a SIS 671 integarted graphical chipset on my Laptop.


This is most likely the same renderer issue as previously mentioned. Here is how to solve the issue (this is not related to dxdiag but rather inside Toon Boom Studio)M:

If it still doesn’t work let us know and we will see to it.

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