Blue pivot point.....


I’m doing a not-very-good job of finding info on the blue pivot point used by the transform tool (in the docs or tutorials, or in the forums). Please forgive me if I’ve missed something!
I have an eyelid on a jointed critter that I need to manipulate close up, but when I back away to move the pivot point, it moves right back to its starting spot when I use to zoom tool (or any tool). Can this point be locked down permanently? Any info vastly appreciated.

(Using Toon Boom Studio 4.5).

There are two types of pivot points. The green pivot point is set for an element using the scene ops rotational tool. Once it is set, it will remain in that relative position. The other pivot point is the blue pivot point. It will be in the same position as the green pivot point but you can temporarily move it while the scene ops transform tool is active. Each time you switch from the transform tool to any other tool the temporary position of the blue pivot point is lost and it reverts back to the same position as the green pivot point.

You always want to set the green rotational pivot point for an element before you begin setting any keyframes and once it is set you don’t want to change that green pivot point position because if you do it will effect all previously keyed rotations. If you need to perform a rotation using a different pivot point setting then that is when you can use the temporary aspect of the blue pivot point as it will only effect the keyframes that you are setting with that selection of the transform tool. -JK