Blue circle has a mind of its own

I’m attempting to animate a stick character. When I attempt to animate his legs, the start and finish positions are correct. However, the point on the legs that connect with the torso does not stay connected. I set the blue circle, which I believe is supposed to be the center of rotation to the connection point, but it never stays in that location when I move to a new frame. On top of that, as I step through the frames, the blue circle seems to migrate in a downward right direction. What am I doing wrong?



I think that you will find the information in this article which I wrote very informative toward clearing up some of your questions about pivot points and how they relate to your drawings. The Basics Part 2

The blue pivot point is originally the center of the cell on which your art is drawn. Its relative location can only be changed by going to camera view and relocating the green pivot point using the rotational tool (keyboard shortcut key [8] ). When you read the above referenced article pay close attention to the use of the transform tool and how the blue and green pivot points are used.

You may also want to read The Basics Part 1 which will give you some good insight into the concepts of cells and frames and adjusting and tweaking timing of actions. -JK

I’m unable to bring up the green circle. I’m also confused as to the camera view vs drawing view. It seems I’m always in Camera view, and my option is to switch the workspace between drawing and scene planning.

In the main window panel at your upper right there are four small icons in a column. They are buttons for switching that window between one of four views. The top icon is for Drawing View, the second icon is for Camera View, the third and forth icons are for Top View and Side View. So switching views is as easy a clicking on an icon button.

You must be in Camera View (also referred to as scene planning view) in order to use any of the scene planning tools or the bone tools. The drawing tools can be used in either drawing or camera view. The rotation tool is a camera view only tool.

Also you owe it to yourself to read the Basics Part 2 tutorial that I suggested. It will save you hours and hours of future frustration. -JK

Thank you, that was very helpful.