blockbuster effects issue

I’m using the smoke affect. When i attach a parent peg to it and arrange it behind another object, it will not move back. Even if I arrange it to the very back, behind other elements and characters it still appears in the very front. how can we fix this?

some particle effects has a wider effect area in z-axis then other.
You have to make sure the object (not particle) is far enough exit the effected area. As for the test, put high value (not more than 12 due to default camera position is 12 F) in positive and then also put - value (you can put more less than negative -12) should work.

honestly not sure what to do with that. I don’t know enough. What i do know is that with the brick wall or broken glass effect I can change the numbers on the z axis and control its depth in dynamic preferences under the properties tab. But some effects, like smoke effect, you cannot change these numbers. I may be way off base. but I assume that is where you were directing me to.