Blending/Transfer Modes from Illustrator?

So before we bought Animate we had already created our characters in Illustrator (as part of our pitch). They’re fully colored and shaded in Illustrator and this includes lots of layers with various transfer modes. When we import them into Animate, it divides up the layers correctly, however all the transfer mode information is lost - is there a way to make Animate retain this, or is there something specific we need to do in Illustrator to prep the files for Animate?

It really depends on the information you have it in Illustrator and all can not be imported in to Animate since Adobe has enclosed the codes from the public from legacy version (9 or 10) that can not have all information such as joints, effects or any features done after CS I believe. You can try only imports the lines and paints it in Animate depending on how much you loose it. You can also try exporting it as legacy (Illustrator 10) to see if it imports better. Make sure to set it as PDF compatible.