blending colours

I was wondering if there’s something available to blend two colours in to each other. I saw this tutorial:
And although it helps, it’s still not sufficient. The problem lies in the last few steps, where you get rid of the unwanted blurred areas. At the part where you change from blurred area to non blurred, a hard edge will always appear (look very closely to the ear of the wolf).

I remember in Toonz 4.6, there was a module where you could have two colours blending in to each other if they were separated by a line which told the software to blend the colours between that line.
For example, you’d give the line that divides the shadow on a body the properties that if black and red are on the sides of this line, they will blend in to each other. If they’re separated by a regular line they will not blend.
This technique worked really well, and I wonder if something like it is available in Toon Boom.

There is no tool like in Toonz for the blend.

I thought you could use a blur on the mask area to give it a soft end but then it might be hard to control what part you want sharp and what you want soft.

Thanks for the help, but like you said, blurring the masks area again would result in really a lot of work, and the result would still be so-so.
Hopefully they’ll add this function to Toon Boom one day, as it’s something i really miss when I go to colouring… Even a more advanced gradient tool (with a mesh or something) would help a lot.
I was checking the Princess and the Frog a few minutes ago (just as a reference for something high-end done with TB), and noticed there’s the small color blending on the frog with the light belly and the darker skin tone. The blending doesn’t happen if the paws come in front of the light belly etc, and it seems to end smoothly around the mouth. That’s kind of exactly what I need, so i wonder how they did it…

Not sure what they did but the first time that I saw the technique explained in the tutorial, it had come from Disney studios. I can’t remember if it was TV or feature though. So they might have used this with some adjustments.

well, for now I’ll just settle with the way they did it in the tutorial then. thing is I want to have really blurry transitions and then re-paint them a bit in photoshop to get away from the traditional cel animation look. But having the blend happen in TB will give me much greater control in keeping it consistent.

Would this help?


I’m pretty sure that they use the Highlight and Tone modules to do their variations in colour for Disney. What’s nice about this technique is that you can draw the masks first, and you can even change the colour of the highlight in the effect, and it’s separate from the mask itself.

What’s nice about this is that you can just draw the mask first, then you have separate control over the colour, so if for example you want to have a character flickering in front of a fire, you can animate the colour over time.

Then of course you can control the blurriness using the Radius value.