Blender 3d software and Harmony Premium

Hi animators!

Well, I know that toon boom can communicate with maya, but not everybody have the money to get maya,

I am a blender user, can toon boom harmony communicate with blender render like maya??

are you planning to support blender 3d software (millions of users worldwide)

is open source, so you can have help with the blender foundation to get the plugin up and running,

just tweet to ton roosendaal, the creator of blender and the chairman of the Blender Foundation, he can help with the integration

please :wink:

(blender have pixar renderman and FBX forma support just in case its helps :wink: )

I agree that it would be great to have Blender/Harmony integration. It’s especially important for freelance animators to economize. I know that Blender and it’s supporters are constantly working on plugins to integrate better with other programs but I’d love to hear that Toon Boom is working on something.

yes yes! freelancers are using blender a lot, and now better with cycles render (gpu) + freestyle render (2D NPR, non photorealistic tender)
Vray, Renderman, valve, Epic Games, pixar, and a lot more companies are supporting blender, now is time for toon boom :wink:

Imagine Harmony with blender 2d render style integration:

can be the perfect mix 3d + 2d …

Hi themonster,

You are currently able to integrate 3D objects from Blender into Harmony, but we do not have a “full” integration with them as we do with Maya objects when it comes to exporting the scene.
You will need to render your 2D assets from Harmony, and the 3D ones from Blender, and go through an compositing/editing process to reassemble the two together.

Your suggestion will be transmitted to our team.


Thank you Thank you!!!

Just a follow up on this,
I know that only maya is full supported (the king of 3d softwares :wink:

Any tutorials on how we can do it on blender, I am not sure about the “compositing/editing process”
because how we can Sync the 2 animations, if I have characters interacting with a 3d spaceship rendered in blender?

something like this:
the boat is 3d and the characters are in toon boom



I believe Jake was made in Harmony 7.8 and the 3D was rendered with a special toonshader plugin that was available to studios only.
Correct me please if I’m wrong.

That was an example only :wink:

Blender have very nice toon render (Cel Shading NPR renderer) built in it, so can be awesome to used in combination with Toon Boom:

I just want to know the best way to do it with blender, if somebody have info or tutorial, please let me know


Basic process: render your character animations from TB with an alpha/transparent background, import those animations into your 3d scene in Blender on a flat plane (import as planes plugin works best with transparency turned on). Make sure to select the plane, and open the material node editor, and open the properties (N) in the node editor. This is a known work-around to the issue that animated textures will not animate in the viewport while scrubbing unless the node editor properties is open and the plane selected (hopefully this will be sorted out by version 2.8 ).

Then position the plane in your 3d environment. The compositing environment in Blender is far more capable than Toonboom’s, so use the built-in compositor and the 3d scene to create the final comp and animation.

You would also add background plates in the background at varying depths to create a nice looking parallax background. Be sure to match these with your camera angle(s ) when you draw them.

In your posted example the girl animation would be imported on a 3d plane, and placed in the 3d boat, and parented to the boat. The parrot animation would be animated in TB as a flat animation (without any zoom effect ), and again imported as a flat plane. Then animate the flat parrot plane flying through 3d space.

You do have to make sure your TB animations are rendered at a sufficiently high resolution to maintain final output resolution quality. You cannot import a 100x100px parrot animation, and animate it in 3d space towards the camera at 4K resolution and expecting it to hold up in regards to resolution: it will become a blurry pixel mess once it comes too close to the camera. This, make absolutely certain to plan out in advance what resolutions you will need. Luckily TB works in vector, so you could always do a simple test frame to check if the resolution is sufficient.

And plan, plan, plan ahead. Each 2d animated element must sync with the 3d elements.

After importing as a transparent plane, you must open the image texture tab or node, and change the “single image” to “Image sequence”, and load the entire image sequence.
Importing as an image plane in the first step simplifies the material setup, since it creates the material you need automatically. However, you cannot load up the entire image sequence directly with image plane import, since it will generate individual frames.


  1. open the first image of your sequence as a transparent plane with the import image planes addon (must be activated in the preferences).
  2. open the texture tab or the material node editor, and change the “single image” option to “image sequence”. Then load up the entire sequence.
  3. in the nodal material editor open the properties (N), and select the plane with the animated texture.
  4. scrub the timeline. Watch in awe as the animation plays back in realtime.

Have you checked out the latest version of Blender that includes a 2d frame-by-frame animation system yet? Pretty awesome.

Greg Smith is doing a very nice set of tutorials with Blender’s new 2d animation tools:

Only the latest beta includes the tweening for drawings - so be sure to download that one:

More info here:

Yes! blender 2d tools (grease Pencil) + Freestyle Renderer (non photoreal renderer in blender) = awesome software

This is why is the best tool to combine with Toon Boom Harmony!

If can we animate a 3d object in Harmony and then export the collada .dae or .fbx ANIMATION back to blender can work for compositing…

can we export the 3d object animation from Harmony?

just checking the script modules, I found “TB_PixieRendererModule” Pixie Renderer is Open Source like blender,

can you adapt the script to render with Blender Cycles, looks that the 3 options for a 3drender use Maya as a middle-man … ;(

Blender Cycles as a standalone renderer:

As of today the Cycles source code license has been changed from GNU GPL to the Apache License version 2.0. This is a permissive license that allows Cycles to be linked and used with any program, including commercial software and in-house software at studios.
We welcome other developers to integrate it in other applications, and especially to get involved with the Cycles development team at