Blender 2.78 released: 2d animation tools integration!

Now, this is interesting: the new version integrates 2d animation tools straight in a 3d application, which blurs the lines between 2d and 3d animation software.

Full frame-by-frame animation tools are now available in Blender!

Mini tutorials:


Nice to know about new version of Toon Boom. I have try this software for video making. Now, this interesting version integrates 2d animation in a 3d animation. The huge difference between 2D and 3D aniamtion. But, I 'll try latest version of Toon Boom.

Well said. Many here completely agree, and some have already left.
I certainly wouldn’t have renewed my support knowing what a poor offering Harmony 14 turned out to be.
I bought Moho pro 12 this year too, amazing software, incredible update from 11.
Toon boom could learn a lot from these guys. Evolve or perish.

Opentoonz has untapped great potential, I know Studio Gibli uses it even though they have top notch Animation people, Toon Boom probably still offers more jobs for clients that use it.

sorry but any way you cut it Harmony is basically subscription only, i guess toonboom has you fooled into thinking you have license autonomy if you don’t pay for a sub…

i have had a perp. license since i started using harmony, yet i am a subscription slave anyway because the maintenance must be renewed annually to receive updates, etc… otherwise you are penalized and must basically re-purchase a new license.

harmony used to be competitively untouchable and representative of its sky-high pricing model, and it still has some unique merits and tricks up its sleeve, but i feel like a wave is about to crest of artists ready to jump the toonboom ship and move on to these other software options. harmony’s animation drawing quality is still probably the best around, and the deformers can be excellent tools, but the overall toolset and the (buggy as f*ck) UI have been quite stagnant for years. they just don’t feel the urge to compete because groups and studios with the weight of volume contracts and legacy purchase streams really dictate their business model, individual artists are sucking at the scraps of functionality defined by studio usage. i’ve bellowed about it elsewhere on here, but wtf was up with the embarrassing "lets skip v13 and jump right to 14, because this is such a hot release!"marketing mentality? 14 is, at best, an incremental point update, hardly meriting a v13 stamp, let alone a version leapfrog. shame.

i actually have a contract renewal coming up in january 2017, and its going to be more painful than ever to renew with all of these fresh, eager 2d offerings out there actually making an effort. so far this year i’ve purchased moho 12 and esoteric spine, and i have the full adobe cc suite (subscription!), so harmony is becoming very difficult to justify when it is unable/unwilling to maintain pace with these other (affordable!) tools. sad. here’s hoping that v15 makes up for the slack that we’ve been loyally paying toonboom for.