Blend Modes Possible?

Hi, I have been really going hard at Toon Boom animate lately, but had to pumped my brakes this morning. Does anyone know, does Toon Boom Animate support blend modes, Screen specifically. Can any of the color transition fx, achieve such an effect? The thing is I didn’t have a reason for it, being that i was working mainly in the vector/flash relm type animation. But when I saw an effect in a video fx program, I just had to ask.

The effect has a black background, can I screen that and just have only the fx visible?

Even if it cant be done…please, by all means tell me. :slight_smile:


The Blend Modes are available in the Composite-Generic module. To control the level of blending simply connect a transparency module in the input of the image that goes in the left port of the module.



Hello Chavar,

Because I use screen from time to time for reflections and other effects I was wondering the same. For the short of it skip ahead to the conclusion. The long of it is this:

The formula for a screen operation is typically described as:

screen = 1 - [ (1- A) * (1 - B)]

where A and B are the two images and the r, g and b channels range from 0 to 1 with 0 representing black (or simply 0%) and 1white (or simply 100%). For non-normalized 8 bit channels (0-255) the formula is (from wikipedia):

Result Color = 255 - [((255 - Top Color)*(255 - Bottom Color))/255]

I prefer the first equation because it is easier to conceptualize (0=0% 1=100%, .5 = 50% etc) and its also easier to translate it to actual modules.

“1 - A” is essentially the complement of A (its no different from taking 100% minus any percentage, which always gives you the complement–assuming theres no such thing as 110% or any nonsense). Negating your image A and your image B gives you your (1-A) and your (1-B).

Multiply the results together with a composite-generic module set to multiply to get the [ (1- A) * (1 - B)]

negate the result and you have 1 - [ (1- A) * (1 - B)]


There might already be a mode in the composite-generic that does a screen (but not named such). I havent found one yet. In any case not all versions of Toonbooms animation software contain the additional blend modes.