Blank Scene

I use Harmony 17 at school, and I made an animation a few days ago and saved it no problem. But today when I opened the scene, all my drawings are gone. The frames are there but they’re completely blank. I feel like I’m missing something obvious but I’ve tried closing and reopening the scene, and checking camera view and drawing view. It’s just blank. Something to keep in mind is that I imported all my drawings as images because it’s a pencil test.

Did you at any time move the project folder without zipping/compressing it first?
If so, the sheer amount of files involved may have overwhelmed the systems
ability to process - resulting in missing drawings.

One way to check it so see if the drawing files are all in the elements folder of
the project. If they are, it’s possible that a recent update may have installed
bad OpenGL libraries on the system. IF this is the case, please contract support
to investigate on your computer.