Blank Library symbols?

Hey pretty people who’ve always been there for me in the past-

I have a problem that happens in Animate where I make a symbol out of a sequence of drawings in one project, then, when I transfer it to another scene and try to import the drawings I import are in sequence but they are blank.

when I click “edit template” the drawings show up in the template editor, but never in the scene I want to import them into. What can I do?

You guys were great last few times I had a problem, so thankyou :slight_smile:

Hi samY

Symbols Library seems to be local to the scene.
Here is a link to a video where Lilly says something about it.

And some more:

Best regards

Hi again

As you see from the videos, Templates are more flexible than symbols in most situations. They will also be available to other scenes when stored as templates in Animate Pro Library.