Blank layers after crash

I am using Animate PLE, and I am Just wondering if anyone has ever experienced a crash, only to find that the layers and there names still show up, but there are no key frames/tweens, etc., and the artwork on the camera or drawing view is gone. The soundtrack on the soundtrack layer is even gone! I was exporting as a swf at the time if that rings any bells.
I had been saving prior to this calamity.
Just wondering if I am truly as screwed as I think I am.


Hopefully you understand there will be a watermark throughout your exported content and are not working on something important that would truly hurt if it was lost.

I do not recognize the problem you have described. I have not been around here that long but I have read a lot of old threads.

What system are you running the software on?

FWIW, My system does not meet the minimum requirements. Of course it depends on the specific hardware and I might be rare and lucky but I was able to run the Animate and Pro PLE’s and I have been using the purchased version of Pro 3 successfully. The only problems I have experienced have been sourced to my weak graphics card and making that worse by running dual displays.

You should send a message to TB support while waiting for potential responses here.

Thank you for the suggestion! I just e-mailed with my issues.
Yes, I do know that there will be a watermark on the resulting swf, but I just wanted to see the result in terms of movement and image rendering.
I just wasn’t expecting a catastrophic crash and subsequent deletion of elements on the stage.

Thanks again for the suggestion!