blank images on restore

hi all - was working on a project, logged off, got back in and the project would not load - acted as if something was corrupted… i am using an online backup service, so i brought down the project… all the scenes are there, element names are there, frame names are there, even the peg information is there but every drawing is blank - if i do library, animation, scene1 and do a thumbnail review, every image has the question marks showing, not one image that’s supposed to be there is there … anyone have any idea what i can do to bring back the images or is this a have to start over death sentence? thanks, dan

Do the images still exist inside the project’s scene-???/Drawing(or)Bitmap folder? Note that it is best to work off the local hard drive and avoid working directly from an external drive, USB drive, or network drive as these might not be responsive enough to keep up with the data.