Blank frame after splitting a panel at frame

I’m having a problem where when I right click onto a panel in the timeline and select “split a panel at frame” the panel after the split will be completely blank and will not duplicate the panel before it.

This seems to be an issue with the PC version, as at work (the Mac) does not do this.

Is there a setting or preference to change for this to be fixed so that when I split between a panel at a frame, it will duplicate and keep the image on both panels between that split?
This should’ve been programmed in by default if it’s a PC only issue.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 10.21.51 AM.png


Thank you for all the information on this web site.

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Still looking for some support on this, hello?

I was just having this issue and was about to bump up your post, but first I tried updating the software and that managed to fix it. For reference I’m using SB Pro 5.5. See if there are any updates to your version.

The update must have been taken care of recently. So that’s good…
They still have the issue where whenever I press the side buttons on my tablet pen, it makes a mark… I have them set to [ and ] to resize the brush easily… but it makes little marks when I press them, it’s seriously annoying…
If they can fix the panel split problem, they can certainly fix that.

yeah…I’m using version 6…I get the same issue occasionally…a reboot of the program usually fixes it .

I’m using 6 and was getting the same problem when duplicating a frame. Reboot seems to fix

Try saving the project before copy and paste the panels or drawings in case there is some issue on the cache. As you said, it could be due to the cache issue if the issue is resolved after saving it and restarting the application. However, the issue you are having may be different from the original post that if it is persistent or you can reproduce it, please contact for further investigation

This also happens when copy/pasting or duplicating layers, creating new panels and scenes.
However copy and pasting vector selections seems to continue to work.

In my testing in SBP6 v14.20.3 (14252) it seems to occur after TB has been left open for a while without activity, or after waking the screen from sleep.

Maybe something to do with TB not retaining it’s cache… I haven’t pinpointed the cause but a software restart seems to be the only solution at this point.