Blank cells automatically filled in when dragging/pasting?

Hi there! I’ve been getting the hang of Harmony Premium for a couple of months now, and there’s a relatively small problem I can’t seem to find a solution to. If I have several drawings on a layer with blank cells between them, dragging the leftmost drawings to the right automatically extends the exposure to fill in the gap. If I drag those drawings further left, their exposure is extended however many cells I move them.

With this as it is, I have to delete many cells pretty much every time I want to move things around, unless I always draw the frames in order from left to right, which is not often. Is there a way to prevent this, and just move the drawings without changing the amount of cells they occupy?

(Attached images are before and after. The layer labeled “tail” has 2 drawings/4 cells near the start that I want to move to the right, and doing so fills in the gap between them and the next set of drawings).

There might be some keyboard trick I’m not aware of, but the this is the way I normally do it. Instead of selecting the exact amount of frames, select those frames +1 empty space at the end and then move it. That way it’ll just extend nothing.

That seems to work, thanks so much!

Or, go edit preferences, then timeline tab, and uncheck “overwrite exposure and keyframes during drag and drop”