Blank ai file after import

I’m having a problem importing ai and swf files made in Flash CS3. The import process goes fine only the .tpl file in the Animate2 library appears to be blank. The images are exported from Flash as Adobe Illustrator 6 files. I’m using ToonBoom Animate2 full version with Vista Home Premium OS. Am I missing something in the export process?



Take a look in my post :Tips an Tricks/Importing Illustrator files (.ai) with layers. There are important discusions about the illustrator format import files.
Into it, Lilly has developed a script to solve related issues. May be that you can solve your particular importation mode using these way. Hope that helps you. Regards.


If you’re still having issues with illustrator import, then feel free to send a test illustrator file to

Toon Boom Support

Thanks for the reply Yoryo.

I tried exporting a simple shape from Flash as an ai file as you recommended but without success. It did work when the Flash ai file was imported into Illustrator. Illustrator did a conversion ( from the Flash Illustrator 6 format to CS3). I saved the Illustrator file and imported it into Animate2 without a problem. It appears Animate2 doesn’t like the Flash CS3 ai file format.

I guess this won’t be a problem with Flash CS5 (just got it but haven’t really used it yet) since it doesn’t support ai file export. Content can be saved as an Adobe fxg file or can be copied from Flash and pasted into Illustrator CS5 directly.

Hi Lilly,

I’m still having an issue with importing Flash CS3 swf files. If I can’t work it out I’ll send a file to

Thanks again for the help.