blackscreen in render and camera, in all frames???

1)change the size of the project from HD TO NTSC, then
2)press SAVE AS, savew the file.

3)select render wiew, or camera view, or press play, or render the frames again…

here in all cases (render, camera, play or render again) all I is a black screen…

If I repeat the same process it happens again…

any idea?



4)press reload the same file -with out saving this version that shows the black screen- to try to reload the file that we just saved in step 2.

the result: the loaded file display the black screen in (render, camera, play or render again)
but all the layers are there…

As elemental, maybe that his art are done only in black lines?
Had you made a probe creating a colour card and set it with any colour?
The default transparent BG is black when you see it in render view.
This is a common case in black screen render result, but the camera view wouldn´t show you a black BG if you don´t have created it. I don´t know if the conversion HD to NTSC affects, I think that no, if the art is vector. If the scene contains imported movies, then, the conversion would be the probable cause, but, this aspect need be investigated.
Hope that helps in any way.


Setting the display to display_all is only for finding unconnected nodes.
You should not leave the display set to display_all.

Set your export to “display all” instead of “display”