Black video

This is probably really stupid question but why videos is just black? I have started again to make animation. When I open the application, so why the background is gray? Before it was white?

I noticed when I draw a white then the lines are shown the video. Apparently a gray background creates a problem.

Add a colour card to change the colour of the background.

The background isn’t black, it is transparent which openGL reads as black with nothing behind it.

This is useful for when you do postprocessing in other applications.

Oh and white background is drawing view, the gray background is camera view, and if you switch to render view you will get the black background you see when render.

How do I change the view?

to get to drawing view, use the downward arrow next to the camera tab and select “drawing”. You can do this in any window with tabs.

In any camera window, on the bottom left there is a row of icons. One of them is render view and one is opengl view.

Render view is what you will get when you export but generally it is too slow to work in, so you only flick over that to get an idea of what your effects will look like.

I often just draw in camera view, but there are positives for using drawing view (it is devoid of all animation information).

Apparently I am blind but where is the “downward arrow” button? Excuse me stupid questions!!

I found it but now the black edges ismissing, which shows the size of the area

yes that’s what happens. you lose those edges in drawing view. each view serves its intended purpose. i do roughs, inking and coloring in drawing view, then placement, resizing and peg animation i do them in the camera view because i need to keep my eye on those edges. you could do everything in the camera view. the black background you could just ignore, actually it’s better if you are coloring with white. because it doesn’t show in drawing view.

If you want that, add a colour card then the you can choose the colour of the background the camera and drawing view.

Just note when you do that the background is now that colour not transparent.

As Amin said the reason for multiple views is they all do different things. Personally I don’t use the drawing view much and mainly draw in camera view.

I think it’s worth you taking a look at some of the tutorial videos, about the interface, and the drawing tools and such to help you get started.