Black Spots in Flash Exports

I am getting a strange export issue with the flash format. Here is a recent example:

You will see that in some frames, parts of the character will momentarily turn black.

With nearly every character animation, I always have this “Black Spot” issue, where in certain frames, the character, or parts of the character would turn black. This issue only happens when I import the SWF files into flash.

Is there a way to fix this issue?

I am having the same exact issue. Various parts of one of my characters turn solid black as soon as the file is opened or exported in/from Flash.

I tried repainting one of these black areas in Toonboom, (in TB it does not appear black) and when I put this newer version into Flash, the black spot was corrected, only a different one popped up in a different spot in the following drawing in the scene.

Please help. Thanks.

It is possible that some information is changed during the conversion.

You may send a sample Toon Boom project with its exported swf sample; and/or Flash project with its example swf to

We will test it and give you feedback.

Please mention the Toon Boom version as well as the Flash version.
Kindly specify your operating system.

Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation Inc.