Black screen while trying to play animation.

Please answer step by step (as I am beginner). I start with first frame and draw something in it then in second frame and then third frame and so on. Then I go back to first frame and click on play, when I have drawn in drawing view and I try to play, the timeline will be moving but the screen will show first drawing only. And if it is in camera view, I try to play from first frame only black screen appears.

You have 2 problems there.
The first problem is that the drawing view won’t display animation playback. That view is usually to inspect individual layers and fix mistakes. Use the camera view to display animations.

The second problem with the black screen is that in the camera view (which will display animations) is that you’ve got black lines over a default black background.
The temporary solution is to switch to OpenGL view instead of Rendered. To do this, click on the grey flower icon as opposed to the blue flower at the bottom of the camera view. This won’t render and will still show up as black when you render, but it’ll work for previewing,
A more permanent solution is to create a new Colour-Card layer. In the menus, click Insert → colour-card. You can then double click on this layer to change it’s colour.

I changed its colour but in render view its still showing black.