Hi i got my toon boom studio 6 through today and i,m having trouble with drawing, when im drawing a lack screen comes up and i cant see what im drawing, can anyone tell me how to get rid of this. thanks

i had that issue too. My laptop has a separate video card and integrated video (intel hd graphics). When working from a battery it automatically switches to the integrated video and that is when it happens. So i guess that is the problem of the integrated video which is not adequate for the software.

thanks bud but i got it sorted, all it was that i had to go to my prefrences and change my display from, openGL to direct3D

I have been having the same problem. When i changed the settings like it said in the help section it worked… But only temporarily… For some reason i just CAN’T get rid of this. Please help. ???

hi bud try and go to… edit, prefrences and choose the display tab… if your settings are set to OPEN GL change then to DIRECT 3D and if they are on DIRECT 3D change them to OPEN GL… click o.k and close down toon boom then re-open it… if that dosn’t work sorry i dont have a clue


Wow, it worked. Thanks so much! ;D


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