Black only

I’m a very new user so this might be a dumb questions, but when I use the line, paint and brush tools I can only get black. I double click in the color palette the other colors, but still only black lines or paint actually appears in the frame.

That’s a tough one. It is really so easy to produce color drawing strokes. I don’t know what could be wrong.

It only takes one click, not a double-click. If you are double-clicking you should be opening up a color window with a radial color chooser, opacity slider. tint slider and a gradient designer option. Do you see the tint slider positioned on the light color side rather than the black side when this window opens up? If not slide to the other end of the bar and this should eliminate black from the selected color.

I just open the program, write a name for the project file, once the program has opened I click on a tool like the paint brush, click one time on a color swatch and draw a coinciding color stroke.

EDIT: I read a different thread regarding a similar problem and it might be your video/graphics card is not good enough to run the software properly.

MInimum Requirements:

Video card supporting Direct3D or
Open GL with 256 MB RAM

Video card with 512 MB RAM
(Minimum 256 MB RAM)