Black Background while exporting


I am getting a black background when exporting an animation from movie.
I was reading previous posts and they mentioned that I had to select image sequence as png4. But I don’t get either option.
Here’s what I am able to export to, and And here are the options I get when exporting as movie:

No image sequence, and no png4

I also selected every time the “million colors +” option.
No color card
I am using Harmony premium.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

You need to access the export options through the Write Node.

You have not stated what your objective is.

Are you trying to produce a transparent background?

You say “no color card” do you want a color card?

Can you also post a screen capture showing your Timeline?

Please describe what you want rather than what you are not getting so it is clear.

Thank you for the reply.
It was indeed the render with write nodes that I had to use.
I wanted to have a transparent background. But all I was getting was a black background.
It all makes sense now.

Thanks for the tip!