bkg drawing element enlarged in camera view

in drawing view everything seems to to be fine and proportioned properly, but when i go into camera view the background(which is converted to vector from a png and now a drawn element) is thrown way off size. in 3d space the bkg object is on the same plane as all the others(which, as far as i notice are unaffected). the element is just five times bigger than it should be.i could try to resize in drawing view but then i couldn’t use it as a reference to draw since it would have to be sized down. I could just pull it back in 3d space, then panning wont work.

is there a setting that is off? does this normally happen?

In camera view use the scene ops select tool (6) to resize that element to satisfy your need. The scene ops select tool will not effect the size of the object in drawing view but it will effect the display size of the element in camera view. -JK

thanks a bunch, saving me a bunch of frustration.

frustrated again…

-How can you get everything in the drawing view and the camera view to match? Is there a “match camera and drawing position” button i don’t know about?

*this is such a difficult process to push and pull things and switching between windows.i finally got something close, but not exact, by taking a snapshot and looking at that. but can’t cant say the process is a good use of my time.

-also is there a way to prevent this from happening?

thanks agian.

I recommend that you take time to review this article The Basics Part 2 so that you get a better understanding of the usage and differences between Drawing View and Camera view. There are not a lot of situations where the two should be matched. In fact there are more situations where there will and should be different. Your drawing board and your camera stand are two different work environments in the animation process. Learning to use each appropriately in the process is a significant part of mastering animation techniques. -JK