Bitmaps Won't Display, and Selection Causes Crashes

I’m trying to complete an animation test, having worked a little with older versions of Toonboom a few years ago, but every time I open the file they’ve sent me, the animatic and the background that the character needs to interact with just won’t load, and just show up as black boxes.

Added to that, every time I use one of the transform tools to just select a piece of the character rig, let alone actually move anything, the program just closes instantly without explanation. No dialogue box, no going grey and crashing, it just closes outright.

This laptop is brand new, and I bought it specifically to have higher specs necessary to make both Adobe Animate and Toonboom Harmony function smoothly. I’ve not had any issues like this with Animate this far, but Harmony is basically unusable because of the above two issues.

Currently using a trial version of Harmony 20.

What could be causing the above issues, and how can I fix them?

Hi Timsplosion,

The errors you are running into are definitely not normal! Please reach out to our support team at so they can directly help you with this issue since it sounds like something really strange is going on.

Thank you!