Bitmap PNG Imports Go blurry when edited


I’m working on a project where I need to animate imported png’s from an illustrator file. I tried importing the ai.files through the library, but that did not work. Since we are short on time We just imported the layers as png’s, so I can now animate and color them.
But when I cut, rearrange and animate the characters the image becomes a lot blurrier. Did some research, everyone suggest I adjust bitmap image quality, that option is greyed out and not selectable.

Does anyone have a way to make the images sharper or keep their original quality?

more info, yes it is also blurry in render mode.

Thank you for your swift replies.


Here is a few pointers:

  • The “Adjust Bitmap Quality” function you are refering to only works for imaged that were imported as Original Bitmap.

Keep as Original Bitmap : This imports the image exactly as is and ensures that it cannot be modified when working on the scene. This is useful for using backgrounds that were created in different software in your project.

Importing as original bitmaps is usually done for Backgrounds, and has this adjustable Bitmap Quality feature because Harmony has a way to shownthe image in a lower quality in Opengl to speed ul the playback, while it looks good in render.

This is probably what the users were reccomending to you, but doesn’t apply to your situation, unfortunately, since you (probably?) imported your images as Toon Boom Bitmap Drawings, vs Original Bitmap Drawings.

- Foryour loss in quality, i would reccomend reading these few pages:

1- Import Images (to understand the different types of import! :slight_smile: )

2- About Bitmap and Vector Imports:

[…] By default, bitmap layers are created at the same pixel density as your scene’s camera when it is in its default position. This means that your artwork will lose picture quality if you zoom in on it or scale it up. If you need bitmap drawings to be scaled up or zoomed on, you must set your bitmap artwork’s pixel density higher before you start drawing.

I would then suggest to make sure that you pixel density of any given layer is higher than what you have now, to prevent image quality loss.

3 - How to change Pixel Density and Image Resolution of a layer:

Hope this helps!

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