Bitmap Lip-sync

I’d like to know if there is a way to lip-sync bitmap elements with Toon Boom Studio?

no. you can’t edit bitmaps in tbs. you can only design the lip positions in a drawing element and put it on top of a bitmap element with the rest of the body.
the lipsync chart is a template for the real drawings which must be done manually. and you can only draw in a drawing element (a vector one).


Even though it is impossible to use image columns to with the lip-sync mapping what you could do is use the color palette to import all your images (right click>Color>Add Texture). Once this is done, use the brush tool and paint the area where your mouths is in the first drawings. Be carefull since the texture actually makes a pattern so you might end up with repetitions of the image (a good way to do it would be to add some extra alpha around your element so you have some free space to paint). Now, simply redo the steps for all of your images so you get all your bitmaps mouth into drawing cells. Finally, since you have actual drawing with texture paint in it you shouldn’t have any trouble using the modify lip-sync mapping feature.

I know it is kinda complicated but in the end it can be done. By the way watch for upcoming releases of Toon Boom Studio since using images for auto mapping is one of the features we plan on adding as soon as we can.

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