Bitmap Layer Overhaul LONG OVERDUE

The bitmap levels in Toon Boom Harmony lack the basic functionality present in most raster based programs like TVPaint and Photoshop. Harmony has no smudge tools or even brush modes like Add, Dodge, or Multiply.

-Have the Color Wheel available on Bitmap layers.
-Add BLEND modes for BRUSHES on bitmap layers - Multiply, Add, Dodge, Burn, etc
-Add smudge/blur tools on bitmap layers
-Make the perspective tool work the same as it does in vector layers.

I followed this thread and I noticed that it was totally modified, for what reasons did you modify your initial post as much? I agree that these features would be beneficial.

The tone of my original post bordered on uncivil. I do believe its necessary, sometimes, to be blunt but I felt a more polite approach would be more appropriate. If for anything, my own conscious.

For what its worth, I had also sent the original post directly to ToonBoom via PM in Facebook. A rep responded that they forwarded it to their Dev team. I’m not holding my breath that there will be changes but we can always hope.

Perhaps if more people let them know these features are highly needed, they will start development on them.