Bitmap layer cut off.

Any solutions please - I convert vector layer to bitmap in SBpro 4.2 cuts the image to a large dotted rectangle . Why Toon boom ? I have tried increasing bitmap size to 800% in prefs but this doesnt seem to do anything.

The default is 200% of project resolution.

Are you changing the canvas resolution in the project properties window or elsewhere?
It’s here that the settings affect the currently open project.
If you still have the original vector layer, try re-converting it.
If this fails for some reason, contact support to have a look.

Thanks for your reply . I had my canvas width at 800% thinking this would do something - I have returned it to 200%. No change . my bitmap layers resolution is set to 400%
The problem is when I move the camera.( Static Camera) If I have a camera position outside of the bitmap dotted square area the bitmap image simply disappears or is cut off outside of this area.
I found a workaround which is not ideal . I could move the vector layer drawing inside the dotted area- convert it to bitmap then move it outside the dotted area into the desired position. The bitmap remains visible this way but this is no good if I have multiple panels in a shot that has layers that need to be locked to a certain place . There’s no way for me to align them.
i mostly need to convert to bit map in order to perform a blurring of a foreground layer.

thanks for any solution you may have .

Please send an email to and provide a project example
with directions on how to reproduce the problem.

Keep in mind that you can move a layer relative to the static camera instead of
the other way around (if this helps in your situation).