Bitmap import Palette and Color Replacement

  1. IS THERE A WAY TO AVOID NEW PALETTES WITH EVERY NEW IMPORT. CAN I SET SOME PREFERENCES SO THAT EVERY NEW IMPORTED DRAWING IS COLORED TO SAME COLOR (I have some files in same project that have palettes up to Bitmap Import 34 with just one color?)

    2. IS THERE ANY (NO MATTER HOW WEIRD OR COMPLICATED) WAY TO REPLACE ONE COLOR WITH ANOTHER? (I have Original Element with some complex animation colored to COLOR1. When I duplicate that element I want to color all drawings in the New Element to a new COLOR2 and keep Original Element with drawings colored to COLOR1

Well I have found soulution for second question. First one I still don’t know.

To replace color with another

1. Export desired element(s) or scene to swf
2. Import it back to your file and thats it. It will be imported (sometimes even with layers) with new palette and new color which you can change without affecting original color