Bitmap images don't show up in drawing view.

When I import a bitmap image, it shows up in Camera view, but not in Drawing view. This happens also when I import and vectorize. Anyone know why this is? I can’t find anything on it in the documentation.

I guess I could just do all my animation in Camera view. I’m wondering if there’s any point to the Drawing view at all. It seems you can’t play back your animation in Drawing view to test it. Is there any advantage to it?

I’m new to this but maybe since I’m a newbie, I can help. I import bitmaps all the time with no issue, however I do notice they go into the library, as ‘symbols’ automatically- so it gives the impression that it didn’t really import but it really did. So that means that in the Timeline, it will be represented with a light-purple box with lines in it on the frame # you imported it. In this view, you won’t see it in the Drawing tab, right away. You have to double-click that purple box to be able to see/edit it (or just go to your library–> Right Click–> Edit Symbol, and you’ll see it in the Drawing view).
I use that Drawing view a lot! If you’re touching up something you imported or want to work with something you scanned/imported, you do it in the drawing view. How it looks as a whole is what you use the camera view for- although technically I’ve edited in the camera view too, so I see your concern

Hope that was what you were talking about.

First of all make sure that you Vectorize the bitmap or else it will remain a “pure” bitmap which is not editable neither in the Drawing nor the Camera view (and it won’t be shown at all in Drawing view). When you vectorize a bitmap it actually puts the bitmap as a texture inside a vector box, that is why you can do some basic editing in the Drawing or Camera views.

As for editing in Drawing view make sure you go inside the symbol an select the cell in the Timeline so that the Drawing view knows which cell to work on. Neither the Camera nor the Drawing view will edit the image’s content. In the Camera view what you are doing is moving/scaling/rotating the layer where the symbol is. If you really want to edit the image itself you always have to go inside the symbol. A symbol is like a container (a clip).