bitmap file quality reverting to low setting (visually) after disabling/re-enabling bitmap layer

i can confirm that this persists, i’m experiencing it now (and always) in h14 (latest h14 release, os 10.11, mac pro). fixed in h15?

issue is exactly as described in forum post linked below, but i can add some more precision to the symptoms:

when i hide the bitmap layers or parent group of layers with the bitmaps inside, then re-enable them, the result is the issue is as described in the link –
quality slider doesn’t change value or revert, but the visual display of the bitmaps drops to a much lower/default setting. i then need to re-open the quality slider and “jiggle” it to re-establish visual quality matched to the slider.

i found the following, much more recent thread, with a solution proposed by TB member rkriz:

this solution does seem to “take” and visual quality stays put when disabling/enabling the bitmap layers, so thanks for that. nonetheless, what does this mean regarding that image quality slider, are you removing it in h15? seems vestigial, indeed it has exhibited the above-described problems for years with no fix. with the preferences-pane option now being the only properly-functioning option, is there a point to the slider reached via the view menu anymore? i can see a value in setting the quality via this slider, as it would just pertain to the active project (but, of course, only if it is working as it should be.)