Bitmap drawings look pixelated when exported

Hi Toon Boom and friends,

I’m having trouble getting bitmap drawing lines to look crisp atop vector drawings.

The bitmap lines look great in toon boom, and I’m even satisfied with the quality of the export out of toon boom, but when I bring these files into premiere, they appear jaggy.

I don’t think it’s just the normal look of vector vs bitmap, otherwise, I think the small detailed vector lines would be equally pixelated when exported. I’m exporting everything at 1920 x 1080, which is also the size of the canvas in Toon Boom.

I’ve tried exporting as an animation with transparency.
I’ve tried exporting as a tif sequence with transparency and then overlaying it in premiere.
I’ve tried doing the same thing but precomposing it in after effects.

I’m adding other effects in after effects, so I need to keep the vector and bitmap separate.

Is there anything I can do to reduce the jaggies? While having a cleaner looking H.264 would be lovely, I’m most concerned about how this image will look on a movie screen. I did a test run in the space I’m premiering my film the other day, and the bitmap lines looked pretty atrocious.

I’ve attached an image here, as well.

Would love help!

It all depends on the resolution you have configured for the scene and the “Pixel Density” option in the Drawing Resolution Tab on the Scene Settings. If it’s 100 you’re supposed not to scale or zoom the Drawings with bitmap lines.

For example, If you’re going to zoom up the Drawing up to 3X, the pixel density should be 300. It’s what I understand of all Harmony 15 Vector Bitmap Brushes. If you’re going to export to movies, you’d need a pretty high resolution, I’d go at least 4K, but I don’t have a lot of experience for that.

If I’m correct, you would need to change the settings and create the art again :S.

Hope it helps you somehow.

The image posted doesn’t seem to have a problem to me, maybe because it’s low res…? As you say, when exporting, both vector and bitmap lines should look smooth.

When you render a frame inside Harmony does the bitmap lines look as bad as they look in Premiere? Do they look bad if you see them at 100 percent resolution in your system, with an image viewer software, for instance? Inside Harmony always render a frame and view it at 100 percent to check its final look.

You can check, as the previous poster mentioned, the pixel density for bitmap drawings (or for textured vector drawings if you’re using textured vector lines) and make sure it’s at least 100 percent. (Scene > Scene Settings > Drawing Resolution tab)