Bitmap drawing tools

Due to the production needs for my student film, i have recently purchased Animate Pro 2. I absolutely love the program and see lot’s of potential in it. Coming for a paper animation background, the one feature that i find most impressive is the ability to assign and flip through keys and Breakdowns and even onion skin them. It’s marvelous. However i still find myself having to do my rough animation on paper first and then scanning it in for a tie-down pass and cleanup. The reason for this; - and here’s the request part: Toon Boom needs bitmap drawing tools. I have been struggling to add textures to brushes so simulate the feel of a pencil, but even after flattening the drawings and assigning small resolution texture files, the program bogs down to a crawl and eventually crashes.

Does anyone feel the same?

I was just about to post a similar gripe. I just finished a 3 minute animation all drawn. My plan was to clean up in Animate pro. I did a couple of scenes but it took far too long due to the texture brush.

Having to flatten strokes is not a great solution and the software slows to a crawl. I find the sloppy normal brushes unusable for clean up. Using the texture brush with no texture acts just like a bitmap brush which I really like but it’s almost unusable for Traditional animation / clean up.

I understand the benefits of vectors for some types of animation but I think for serious ‘Tradigital’ animation bitmap is the way to go. I do this in Digicel flipbook and it works great lighting fast and great for timing out. I also used flipbook on this big job for clean up.

I like Animate a lot but the majority of the 2D animation I do is drawn. I now feel I can’t even use Animate for Clean up after that experience.

Is a bitmap brush an option? I think it would be a major plus for the Animate product line.



I believe there are dozens of threads about this topic, however, bitmap drawing tools will never happen.

I too felt the way you do, but I had to adapt and get used to vector sketching.

Well, necessity is the mother of invention. And i think i figured a work around that so far has been working pretty well. It requires some repetitive actions but the results are : scrubbing your animation back and forth, looking like texture without performance drop.

All i had to do was grab a texture that i liked , cut from it a tiny 32x32 square and create a brush that felt right with it. Once i start sketching, keep flattening my lines and… here’s the trick; - when i feel it slowing down, i run the reduce drawing texture resolution command and drop it between 72 to 300dpi depending on the size of the drawing. I usually apply it to all my drawings and so far i’m VERY happy with the results. I can now scrub, and play my rough passes at 24fps with no problem.

I have assigned 3 buttons on my tablet for this. 1 to select the strokes in the current color, another to flatten them and another to reduce the drawing texture resolution.

Let me know what you guys think.

The good news is that we’re investigating the possibilities for this feature right now. 8)