Bitmap Crashing Harmony 15


My windows just updated overnight and now when I try to open, import or work with anything bitmap or that is not vector Harmony 15 crashes or refuses to let me use any bitmap brushes. I’ve attached an image of how the textured brushes are displaying in the tool window. All the vector brushes display and work fine but the textured ones just display as blocks and do not work properly.

Has anyone else had this happened since the latest windows update or does anyone know what is causing this issue and how to fix it??? I’ve updated my graphics card thinking it might be that but that is not the issue.


Try re-installing the original (or an updated) graphic card driver.
If that doesn’t help to fix the problem, please contact support to
have a look.

I don’t have a solution for you but just wanted to point out that you would need to consider the graphics card’s update release date and release notes. The card’s update may have been written prior to receiving the very latest Windows update information. That is, if this problem is sourced to the graphics card.