Bitmap based color palate

I am trying to do some photo cutout animation right now.
What I wanted to do was copy off some of the bitmap characters facial features and then animate them on a separate element. I understand how to create my element but here is my problem. I would like to paint in the flesh tone where the feature (lets say eyebrows) used to be so that I can move the eyebrows all around the forehead without seeing where the eyebrows were in the original bitmap.
My overall question is if there is a way that I can easily create a custom color palate that is taken from the various colors in the picture? I might want to use the character’s clothes or skin or hair to create custom colors to use for adding to the picture or filling in missing parts.

Color Sampling and Capture: There are actually two droppers that exist within the Toon Boom world so to speak. This often is confusing at first. The “dropper” tool which exists on the “tools” palette is for identifying and selecting existing color swatches on existing color palettes. This is useful when working on a project and wanting to quickly switch between colors during painting and not wanting to have to go search through all your active color palettes to find that swatch.

The color sampling and capture dropper, which is a different tool entirely, is found on the color editing panel. To access this color editing panel you first want to go to the color panel and on one of your color palettes you will “add” a new swatch. Double click on that swatch and the color editing dialogue panel will be opened. On that panel you will see depending on your computer operating system either a dropper icon or a looking glass style icon. That’s the color sampler tool. You drag it over any color that is currently on your display screen inside or outside of TBS and it will sample that color and capture it to the newly created swatch in your color palette. Then you can paint with you new swatch color on your artwork. -JK

Thank you as always. I have been trying to hunt down an answer to this question for a long time. I think I have had the right idea but was using the wrong dropper.
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For anyone interested in a more detailed discussion of creating custom color palettes I have an article on the Cartooning In Toon Boom blog that details the process. -JK

Creating a Custom Color Palette